Periodic Exfoliation - 5 Reasons Why It Matters!

We all face some skin issue or the other from time to time - from dry & dehydrated skin to bigger problems like blackheads and severe acne. We have a broad idea of how our skin can benefit from exfoliation. Our skin will feel refreshed and glowing. But do you know how exfoliation helps your skin?

  • Unclogs pores - It clears all the dead and dry skin cells from your face along with all other surface debris the skin might have accumulated when exposed to pollution. Exfoliation helps keep this debris away from your pores - thereby reducing the chance of blackheads and whiteheads drastically. Dead skin seals the pores, blocking the way for the oil produced by the sebaceous skin to get out - thereby creating blackheads. When we exfoliate, we avoid this problem.

  • Wards off Acne - Unclogging pores is also a very effective way to reduce/prevent acne. However, that does not mean that excessive scrubbing is the ultimate acne solution. When it comes to battling acne, exfoliation is best used with limitation - as an added measure, and not as the first go-to solution.

  • Helps other skincare products do their work - - It’s a miracle how much we can help our skin by just scrubbing away the dead cells. With the dead and dry cells gone, the other skincare products - night creams, moisturizers, day creams, face wash, toner - work better on the skin after exfoliation. Due to exfoliation, these creams/ lotions/ serums penetrate deeper into the skin and provide it with the necessary nourishment.

  • Evens skin tone - If we have experienced any of the plethora of skin problems mentioned above, we know firsthand how hard it can be to get a smooth, even skin tone. Using a gentle yet effective scrub once or twice a week helps gently remove dead skin cells to reveal fresh, even-toned & glowing skin.

  • Boosts blood circulation -This should not come as a surprise, but the benefits of exfoliation are more than skin deep. Regular exfoliation stimulates the lymphatic drainage for the internal cleansing of the skin. It also stimulates oxygen-rich blood to feed and nourish the skin’s cells. The overall process aids the skin’s internal and external detoxification and leads to healthy, glowing skin.