Tara Fruit Pod

Best Ayurveda Skin Care Ingredients

Tannins extracted from Caesalpinia Spinosa (tara) are highly efficient and stable antioxidants. Tara is a small leguminous tree which tolerates dry climates and poor soils notably sandy to rocky soils. Tara has large, colourful flowers and fruits called pods that range from a reddish to brown colour. Tara’s pods, which are used in traditional medicine to treat infections and to improve healing, are very rich in hydrolysable tannins with gallic acid as the main constituent. Tannins have antimicrobial and astringent effects. Thanks to their capacity to bind to proteins, tannins can inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria by interfering with their cell walls. Tara tannins are also known as being efficient antioxidants.

The combination of Tara Tannins and Organic Sunflower Sprouts is clinically proven to protect the skin from the adverse effects of UV, Infra-Red and Blue Light from digital devices.